Psiphon APK [Download for Android, iOS, and PC]

Are you suffer on your freedom of expression due to extreme censorship of some parts of the Internet? Okay, guys! VPN apps are the most suitable solution for that case. But the problem comes to the stage is there is the huge number of VPN app all over the world market and how to choose the best fitting web burrowing application or VPN app for the device. Sounds good, Now you don’t have to mess up because Psiphon APK empowers you to get to the web with no limitations. So Psiphon APK is such an awesome app that you can count on the privacy of what sites you have visited and what apps you have used.

Psiphon APK
Psiphon APK

What is Psiphon APK?

Psiphon APK is a centrally managed, geographically diverse network of thousands of proxy servers which supports users in countries considered to be “enemies of the Internet”. Really we thanks the Psiphon, Inc who the developed and maintained this app to the public users. It is easily approachable through Google Play Store and now you need not worry about your privacy.

So this is very useful to access any app or any sites without considering any limitations imposed by the law of your country over them. Especially, it helps to breaks through government blocks and restrictions on sites to make sure everyone can have access to the content they want. Yes, it’s true, Psiphon APK has the ability to unblock the blocked sites which you want. Also, it is designed to provide you with open access to online content. For that reason, this is gonna most popular VPN app to creates a safe and private tunnel between you and the internet.

PsiPhon Apk Download

The Best Functionality of Psiphon APK

When you are choosing such a VPN app, first you are looking to know about its functionality. So that it is better to know about Psiphon APK functionality. Let’s see the remarkable functionality of Psiphon APK.

Psiphon APK
Psiphon APK
  • This is the best protector you when accessing WiFi hotspots by creating a secure, private tunnel between you and the Internet.
  • It is providing safe and secure browsing to your phone.
  • Show you how much traffic you’re getting and how much you used.
  • Lets you to use Internet exceeding the normal limits.
  • The App for Android, iOS, Windows PC as well as Laptop.
  • You can access any sites including blocked sites like facebook, porn, torrent etc.
  • It does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool.
  • Always you can connect with the internet from its thousands of servers.
  • Won’t need to register or sign up into this app.
  • It especially includes the in-app purchase stats.
  • This is an open source application with a number of options to customize.
  • Automatically starts connecting when you run it.
  • Lets you to select VPN (L2TP over IPSec), SSH, or SSH+.
  • When you close the program, this APK automatically disconnects and also you can click on the icon to toggle the connection again.

CM Browser v5.22.19.0003 [Latest] Free Download Officially 2018

Have you been interested in the latest released cool new search engine? Or search for the best protector for your phone Browser from Internet fraud and malicious threats? Ok, guys!, you are here with the latest mobile browsing called Clean Master Browser or CM Browser. This is specially created for mobile browsing that protects your phone from Internet fraud and malicious threats. Let us see what are the best fitting features of this awesome browser.

CM Browser

About CM Browser

CM Browser or Clean Master Browser is a lightweight mobile browser on all over the mobile market. Surprisingly, Clean Master Browser has highly optimized to allow web pages to load rapidly. Yes, as the result, CM Browser can protect you from malicious threats such as Internet fraud, malware, scams, and threats to your privacy and still give you rapid browsing speed. This is suits perfectly on your smartphone or tablet but absolutely it works well on the desktop devices. Clean Master Browser was developed by KS Mobile, the company behind important security apps like CM Security and Clean Master and it comes with an easy to use streamlined interface. Now you can easily download this wonderful Ad Blocker, Fast Download, Privacy CM Browser Apk at absolutely no cost. Also, you can be downloaded and installed on Android devices supporting 10 API and above. Truly, this is a #1 antivirus engine on your handset.

CM Browser Apk Download

What are the best Features of CM Browser?

CM Browser comes with a great number of features you’ll find in most other browsers. When we are thinking about the Clean Master Browser features you can find out the fabulous features on it. No doubt, there is the list of Clean Master Browser Features.

CM Browser


This Adblock feature is the most vital function comes with the CM Browser. The reason why because almost all the people don’t like this stupid Ad comes when they use the internet. However, CM Browser  Ad block function can effectively block annoying ads, pop-ups, banners, as well as some specific Javascript give you to a comfortable browsing experience. As the result of this function, it reduces the internet data usage for users. That’s because this is the most popular app among the users.  

Download Private browsing

When you download an APK file,  the browser will start a safety scanning for you APK file downloads for malware. So that you can get a comfortable browsing experience with all-around protection of this.

Smart Detection Function

CM Browser can automatically detect downloadable videos while you browse through the web. Especially, it is allowing you to download and save online videos from all other websites very easy. The download icon at the address bar and CM Browser will inform the user.

Malicious prevention

Clean Master Browser will notify users before they click on links that may lead to malware-infected pages. Its security browser will check a list of pages against CM’s lists of suspected phishing, malware and unwanted software pages in real time. So that now you can save your devices from malware-infected.

Wrapping Up

Now you can enjoy CM Browser refreshing version at absolutely no cost. As a personal user of Clean Master Browser, I guaranty Clean Master Browser very well search engine on the marketplace which comes this lots of features like Incognito Mode, No trace behind, Browsing speed acceleration, Speed dial, Page Translator, Text search, Font size adjustment, Personalized bookmarks, Card tabs for multi-tab control, Search engine switch and lots of excellent features. So why don’t you protect your phone from Internet fraud and malicious threats?


Retrica Camera v6.1.0 [Latest] version Free Download for any Android device

All the guys are willing to stand up in front of the mobile camera. But sometimes they are not satisfied with the captures they took. For that reason, they search for a photo app that allows you to apply different filters to your photos and do a lot of different editing as they wish. Retrica Camera is the sweetest photo app that you can get the vintage look. Truly, Retrica Camera may be a fun way to take vintage-style photos. If you are the guy who a filter fanatic, really you need to download Retrica Camera on your handsets. So you can be buying a trusty capture your cool memories!

retrica camera download

About Retrica Camera

When you took photos and arrive home, you will develop your pictures by adding different Filters and more by using the different application like Photoshop and more. But today you do not need to do that because of Retrica Camera will allow you to apply filters in real time, where you can preview how your photo will look before you even take it. Actually, Filters are a big hit among the crazy fans who most standing up in front of the mobile camera. So This is a very beautiful camera app that can be used for taking selfies, apply filters in real time, personalizing your photos, and sharing images with friends.

Retrica Camera 6.1.0. Apk Download

Simply, Retrica Camera is easy to access to filters and its shortcuts are precise. This is a powerful app to express yourself with mesmerizing filters and discover new interesting people. From Retrica Camera, you will find filters such as sepia tones, black and white tones, muted tones, every color, etc. Retrica Camera app is already aimed at those who just want to take a good picture, filter it, mix it with existing other snaps in a Collage and also share your awesome pic to Instagram or Facebook. Recently, This app has become extremely popular, especially for those who enjoy sharing their photos online. We sure that Retrica Camera will be a perfect app who just want the photo to look good and share it online.

retrica camera download

Features of Retrica Camera

  • Consists of Beautiful camera filters for any occasion.
  • 100% safe and virus free.
  • You can take the photo in the back/front camera.
  • Apply Retrica Camera logos as watermarks to your images.
  • Chronological Follow Feed
  • Great for selfies.
  • You can send private messages with the new direct messaging option easily. It is actually a camera but you can meet and make new friends.
  • You can stand out with videos, and GIFs. With a long press, you will capture live video easily. Also, you can switch into GIF mode and turn a Collage or video into your very own GIF-able moment.
  • Easy to take the Multiple different looks
  • You can easily turn the capture into a beautiful collage instantly.
  • You can Share your beautiful selfies to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Available with over 100 fun stickers,  add the date and time with stamps, doodles, and more to edit your shots.